12 January 2016


Example 1 : 
In a Mathematics quiz, 4 marks were given for every correct answer and 2 marks were deducted for every wrong answer.  Suraya answer 30 questions and 24 of them are correct. She answered the rest wrongly. How many marks did she get?

Correct = 24 x 4 = 96
Wrong = 6 x 2 = 12

Suraya's marks = 96 - 12 = 84

Example 2:
Roslan bought 9 boxes of oranges. Each box contains 55 oranges. After throwing 18 rotten oranges, he sold the remaining oranges at a price of RM2 each. Calculate the total amount of money he received.

Money he received
= (9 x 55 - 18) x RM2
= (495 - 18) x RM2
= 477 x RM2
= RM954


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